Swedish Wood Announced As BIID Platinum Partner

The British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) provide a Platinum Partner programme for Industry Partners wishing to work closely with the Institute and Swedish Wood have become their latest member.

Volume Of Timber Imports In First Quarter The Highest Since 2007

The volume of timber and panel products imported in Q1 2021 was at its highest in more than a decade, since Q1 2007, the latest Timber Trade Federation (TTF) statistics have shown.

Cutting Down Trees Can Help Save The Climate

Sweden’s forest industry has prepared a defence against critics who say trees should be left in the forest to bind carbon and help fight climate change.

The Forest and The Climate

Growing forest absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This happens through photosynthesis, which converts solar energy, carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates that are the building blocks of wood. Oxygen is released as part of the process.

Bristol approves Swedish flat-pack housing

CGI of BoKlok housing
The budget Swedish housing development on Airport Road Bristol will provide 173 family homes, which will be available for market sale as well as support social housing schemes by Bristol City Council and local housing associations.