RIBA or BIID-Accredited CPD courses

The CPD courses below are accredited either by RIBA or BIID and are totally free to access, when and where you want. You may dip into them for information about a specific topic, or complete the full course. You don’t need to pre-register for access to the courses. On successful completion of a course and assessment, you will be asked for your email so we can send you a CPD certificate.

  • Introduction To Timber
    Course Takes Approx. 15 mins.
  • Wood in Interiors
    Panelling, flooring, doors/fire doors, stairs, mouldings and species
  • Building With Wood
    Timber frame, CLT, engineered wood, roofing floors and joists
  • Fire Safety and FR-Rated Timber
    Phases of fire development, classification, FR level & retardants
  • Wood CO2ts less
    Wood CO2ts less mini CPD
  • Focus on Cladding
    Course Takes Approx. 15 mins.
  • Procuring Sustainable Timber
    Course Takes Approx. 30 mins.
  • Introduction to Windows
    Course Takes Approx. 35 mins.
  • Deck Design & Installation
    Course Takes Approx. 35 mins.
  • Wood Coatings & Preservatives
    Course Takes Approx. 45 mins.

Timber DIY Project Home & Garden

Wood Campus TV

Wood Projects