In Japanese Atami, just over ten miles southeast of Tokyo, Kengo Kuma has made a tree-like cafe surrounded by sea and mountains. The design allows visitors to enjoy the view in all directions without disturbing elements. The building is also completely earthquake proof.

NATURAL MATERIALS AND REPETITIVE ELEMENTS are commonly used in Kengo Kuma’s work. Coeda House in Atami, Shizuoka, is no exception. The name means “house with small branches” and is a telling description of the tree-like building built of 80×80 millimeters cedar trees in different lengths. By stacking the rules on each other in a kind of reciprocal construction, Kuma has sculpted an airy stem that continues upwards into the air to finally spread out in a generously added tree crown. 

The tree-like design with surrounding glass walls without bulky pillars allows visitors to have 360 ​​degree views from the building’s cafe, which is 22 meters high and 50 meters from the sea. 

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