Nordic Report Sustainable Development 01

The Nordic region is at the forefront of sustainable development. The Nordic Report 01 contains a summary of sixty innovative examples with the aim of spreading knowledge about sustainable production and consumption in accordance with the UN Global Goal 12 of Agenda 2030.

The Nordic Report 01 is produced by SUSTAINORDIC, a network with the aim of positioning the Nordic countries internationally and stimulating the development of national policies in the field.


Excerpt from the foreword of Nordic Report 01:-

“Within our Nordic project SUSTAINORDIC, we want to highlight inspiring dialogues and
examples of a path towards a more sustainable
future. The Nordic Report 2018 is the first report in a series of three, and our goal with these publications is to contribute to knowledge and inspiration around the world. The fact that the Nordic region is at the forefront of sustainable development gives us a special
responsibility to advance this cause.”


The Nordic Report 02 will be published early next year. The publication is a summary situation report and a deep-dive into the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 12 – sustainable production and consumption.

There is an emerging paradigm shift in the Nordic countries, which is the point of departure for this publication, intended to provide inspiration through examples and in-depth interviews with various experts.

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