Najaden in Lund, Sweden by CF Møller

SOON, A WHOLE NEW urban district in solid wood in Lund will be built. It is the architect office CF Møller Architects who, together with Slättö Project Development, has won a marking competition at Råbysjön in south east Lund.

“At this stage, we assume that the frame is made with KL wood. The choice of wood is based on a firm view of working with durable materials, “says Ola Jonsson, responsible architect.

In the motivation, the jury puts forward the clear link to the surrounding cultural landscape, the existing wooden deck at the quayside, and that all four sides of each house are equally nice and appealing.

“Because the neighborhood is right at the quayside, and you can move through it, we wanted to create a welcoming and public environment,” says Ola Jonsson.

The six five-storey houses receive 85 new condominiums of different sizes, and the façade will be supplied in detail with wooden tiles. The project is projected to start in the autumn of 2018 and hopefully ready in 2020.

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