WPA and TTF publish The Buyer’s Guide to Preservative Treated Wood

Preservative treatment provides wood with added durability. However, it’s a mistake to assume that all pressure treated wood is the same. Whilst one piece of treated wood may look very much like any other, the level of preservative protection could be very different. That’s because the British Standard for wood preservation – BS 8417, requires that the loading and penetration of preservative, impregnated into the wood, is tailored to the desired end use.

As part of our collaborative work programme with the TTF and in support of their initiative for driving quality in the treated wood supply chain, we have published a visually clear and concise guide to specifying the correct level of preservative protection. This guide is designed to be a helpful resource for everyone in the supply chain – from the head buyer of a timber products distribution company, through to the merchant branch sales staff.


WPA Buyers Guide to Preservative Treated Wood