Cordova Bay Elementary School

Located on the southern portion of Vancouver Island, just north of Victoria, this school will be the first composite NLTand CLT structure in Western Canada. CLT was initially chosen as the mass timber product for both the walls and the roof, however after further thinking a composite CLT and NLT system was chosen. Combining these two mass timber products has allowed for a structure which excels in stability and structural efficiency while at the same providing the owner the aesthetic they desired at a cost which fit their budget.

StructureCraft was involved in a number of areas for this seismic upgrade and renovation for the Cordova Bay Elementary School including Design-Assist services, European CLT (cross-laminated timber) procurement and installation, glulam procurement, manufacturing, and installation, as well as NLT (nail-laminated timber) manufacturing and installation.

Through consultation with the owner, our team applied a mixture of different mass timber products to the various components of the structure with the goal of both maximizing structural efficiencies and giving the owner the aesthetic they desired. Originally designed as a full CLT structure, NLT was chosen to replace CLT for the roof structure due to a combination of factors – including its superior spanning capabilities, its aesthetic, and its cost effectiveness. The walls remained CLT because of the need for a strong diaphragm and the requirement that the walls be notched for the electrical and plumbing.

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