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Attic corridors for community

The apartment building Svavelstickan in Norrköping has both a frame and visible details in wood. The house consists of two bodies that are connected by intermediate wooden attic corridors. In this way, it has been possible to take advantage of the place’s difficult conditions and create your very own expression.

Attic corridors for community

Public health authority gets new office

Public health authority gets new office in a forest close location with vertical larch planks that regulate light and temperature

BY THE VAST FORESTin the Bois de Vincennes park in eastern Paris there is both an arboretum (trees planted for study purposes) and a botanical garden. But this is also where the French public health agency, Santé Publique France, has located its new headquarters. The architectural firm Atelier du Pont is behind a design that embraces the rustle of the forest from the inside out – and building wood was a given.

Preserved trees in the city center created playful preschool

The Redbridge School in Lisbon, Portugal by ARX Arquitectos

Micro-library as a social playground and meeting place

Micro Library in Java, Indonesia by SHAU