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Landmark with character

With its unique architectural expression, Kunskapshuset in Gällivare is a symbol of the new city that is rapidly growing. The inspiration is taken from the surrounding nature, the mine and Sami traditions, and a large part of the building is made of locally produced wooden elements.

Typology and craftsmanship a winning combination

A building that creates both dynamism and intimacy and that invites a great desire to experiment. The Wood Prize 2020 goes to »Ateljé in Södersvik« for a studio in Roslagen that naturally takes its place in the buildings.

FINALLY, THE WINNER of the Wood Prize 2020 was shortened and published at the Wood Prize Gala which took place in digital form at the beginning of December. The twelve finalists have all presented innovative objects that in various ways have highlighted the possibilities of wood as a building material today and in the future. During the two-year work of choosing the winner, the presence and expression of the wood has been central to the jury, says its chairman Carmen Izquierdo:

Extreme loads challenge for climate-smart wind power

Wind power tower on Björkö by Modvion

Guesthouse gives village new life

House for Marebito in Nanto, Japan by Vuild