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Distinct form creates new values

Financial Park in Stavanger, Norway by Helen & Hard / SAAHA

In addition to plenty of oil, Stavanger is also known for its well-preserved wooden house construction from the end of the 18th century. The new bank head office in the Norwegian coastal city is based on the wooden building tradition and shows an exciting interaction between innovative design and construction. But also that you can build both large and solid wood.

Congress Hall

Roof form gives character with structure derived from the dolomites’ peaks
Congress Hall in Agordo, Italy by Studio Bressan, Studio Botter

Ceiling shape gives character and creates space for versatile exhibition hall with structure derived from the dolomites’ peaks

Elegance and climate benefit with modern wooden bridges

Bridge Muskrat in Banff, Canada by StructureCraft

Safe staircase for spontaneous meetings

NCC headquarters in Solna, Sweden by White architects