White Arkitekter has won the BB-Green Award in the London Affordable Housing Challenge for its proposal ‘Hedge House’, a new housing typology which uses post-war housing estates to create affordable housing.

The London Affordable Housing Challenge, an open international competition, sought a pilot-phase concept for easily rolled out affordable housing to increase the British capital’s housing stock. White’s response was the concept Hedge House, a new housing typology which has a positive impact on the public spaces surrounding London’s many post-war housing estates. It repairs and uses the urban fabric, public parks and spaces between them by addressing what does not currently work, healing the estates without affecting existing affordable homes.

With a low site cost, no demolition or loss of existing affordable homes and a small, efficient footprint with lightweight construction that allows for pre-fabrication with a simple repetition of elements, Hedge House ticked all the boxes.

The concept creates better spaces on both of its sides: a calm park protected from street noise on one side and a lively city street with people and front doors o the other. With its green facades the building becomes part of the park, creating a natural border. It also contributes with duplex apartments featuring unique qualities, such as easy access to the park and private roof terraces for families with young children. The ground floor accommodates cafés, art galleries, shops and small business units.

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