Accredited Level 3 Award

The Wood Campus Award in Timber Merchanting is a complete, recognised OFQUAL qualification, accredited by OAL (Occupational Awards Limited) as a Level 3 Award (Qualification Accreditation Number: 601/8140/0).

Recognised Prior Learning

On a wider level, the work completed to achieve the Award can be presented as Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) for other NVQs, such as apprenticeships. To this end, OAL provide the successful student with a second document, which is a list of the five credits that can go towards their NVQ. So, if an apprentice presents the certificate to the assessor as RPL, he or she gets five units ticked off straight away.

The hierarchy of qualifications is based on the number of learning hours required to pass, increasing from Award, through Certificate, to Diploma. Each is assigned a Level from 1 to 5. Level 1 is basic awareness; Level 2 implies understanding; Level 3 implies understanding with enough depth to anticipate/solve problems; Levels 4 and 5 are normally associated with supervision and management.

Level 3 indicates that the qualification requires enough understanding to use the technical knowledge in the workplace. Award indicates that the qualification has 110 hours of ‘directed learning’ or more, including online training, project work, assessment and reflection time.

The programme consists of 18 modules, required reading and project work. In order to attain the Award, you must complete all the modules and be successful in the final assessment.


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