NEW for 2021 – the Timber Cladding Handbook

The Timber Cladding Handbook
NEW for January 2021. 

Produced in partnership with the Timber Trade Federation this go-to 48-page resource provides clear, relevant and up to date information for specifiers, buyers and installers of timber cladding. Includes guidance on: design and installation, material choice and UK building regulation compliance.
This publication is available as a free download.

Structural timber buildings fire safety in use guidance Volume 1 – Pattern book systems

The Timber Cladding Handbook – Timber Trade Federation

The Timber Cladding Handbook aims to provide definitive guidance, as well as design inspiration, in a clear and easy to follow format with signposts to more comprehensive and trusted information should you need it. If some of the terms used are unfamiliar then the Glossary at the back of the handbook is a handy reference. The publication aligns with British Standards where applicable, making it both authoritative and consistent.

Structural timber buildings fire safety in use guidance Volume 2 – Cavity barriers and fire stopping

Industry Guidance on Fire and Timber Cladding

Cladding Scottish Building Regulations July 2019

New guidance on cladding and amendments to fire regulations

Fire safety regulations for cladding: Approved Doc B: Fire safety, 2019