Hanger shaped recreation

Chiryu Afterschool in Chiryu, Japan by Mount Fuji Architects

IN THE JAPANESE REGION OF CHIRYU there is an ancient tradition of temple-shaped buildings. They are designed according to the same pattern, with a low foot towards the street and a higher facing the back. This has prompted Mount Fuji Architects when they created the Chiryu leisure center, a two-story building with training facilities and a cafe.

Outside, the building’s distinctive silhouette with its two peaks gives a modern setting to the area, and the geometric form also suggests that it is a building for natural sciences. But despite the fact that the glazed long side gives a taste of the decor, it is especially when the visitor enters the building as the softly rolling ceiling shows in its full splendor with a clear reference to the many temples and its culture of the city. The hanger’s different but ingenious construction with short rays of Japanese reddish tied together with continuous steel rods, forms a natural chain line that only pulls tensile forces and whose slender shape extends along the entire building.

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