Japanese company has announced plans for the world’s tallest wooden building, a 1,148-foot skyscraper in central Tokyo that will leave all previous wooden structures in its shade.

Sumitomo Forestry Co. Ltd., the timber and forest management arm of the Sumitomo, one of Japan’s largest business conglomerate, plans to complete the W350 Project in 2041 to mark its 350th anniversary.

The ultimate aim, the company said, is to create an environment-friendly city of high-rise buildings made of wood that also helps to “transform the town into a forest”.

The concept for the building has been drawn up by Sumitomo’s Tsukuba Research Laboratory, which has devised a plan for a skyscraper with 70 stories above ground and made of a combination of wood and steel, with wood accounting for 90 percent of the construction material.

The tower will require more than 6.5 million cubic feet of wood and the cost of the project has been estimated at Y600 billion (£4.2 billion).

The company is working with architectural designers Nikken Sekkei and the plans call for a braced tube structure that is able to withstand strong winds and the earthquakes to which Japan is prone.

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