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trä! - Issue 2, 2022


Japanese architect Takaharu Tezuka spent six months drawing the 56 metrelong ornamented panel that envelops Niijima Gakuen Junior College Hall & Chapel.
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On the island of Hamburgö in Bohuslän perches a long wooden house that almost seems to float above the rolling granite boulders.
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Trä! caught up with Professor Lesley Lokko during her brief visit to Sweden as keynote speaker at the Architecture Gala.
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trä! - Issue 1, 2022

Supermarket sets the tone in new district

Sjöbo, sweden Supermarkets are increasingly being built in wood, as a way to inspire customers and also to help raise the issue of sustainability.
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Curvy Lines for open meetings

Melbourne, Australia By combining its offices with a showroom and store, cladding supplier Sculptform sought to demonstrate what can be created in wood and how its products can be used.
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Circular Design in nature's best interest

Silkeborg, Denmark On the east and west shores of Almindsø lake, Silkeborg Municipality and Sweco have established two new bathing spots.
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trä! - Issue 4, 2021

Pumping Station on Nacka Nature Reserve Sweden

The long façade that lines the path to Nacka Nature Reserve has been clad in sawn, silicon treated pine of quite large dimensions: 125 x 125 millimetres.
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Botanical Garden On Former Coal Mine

The largest of the three domes has an unsupported span of over 90 metres, which makes it one of the biggest wooden structures of its kind in the world.
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Sara Kulturhus - skellefteå, sweden

In all, Sara Kulturhus has six stages of varying sizes, from the largest stage with a ceiling height of 15.5 metres and an audience capacity of up to 1,200 seated guests.
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trä! - Issue 3, 2021

Temporary Exhibition Hall in the heart of Paris

Project manager Julien Davayat One of the biggest challenges was the limited space for storage and logistics.
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We Wanted To Add Another Layer To The Building's History

Umeå is one of the few cities in Sweden to have experienced consistent growth over the past 50 years.
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Locally produced arts centre puts Skellefteå in the spotlight

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trä! - Issue 1, 2021

Exporting cabins

Access to a cabin is an important part of Norwegian culture, and the simple huts invite both locals and tourists to discover nature in a natural way.
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The Interior And The Space Create An Honest Whole

Both welcoming restaurant and communal resource. With its spacious hall, light furnishings and clever details, Magnolia invites gatherings of all kinds.
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Architecture for spiritual peace and mental reflection

Research shows that natural environments have a positive effect on wellbeing, which provided the starting point for Maggie's project in Leeds, Yorkshire
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trä! - Issue 4, 2020

Landmark with character

With its unique architectural expression, Kunskapshuset in Gällivare is a symbol of the new city that is rapidly growing.
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Typology And Craftsmanship A Winning Combination

A building that creates both dynamism and intimacy and that invites a great desire to experiment.
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Extreme Loads Challenge

By using renewable construction materials and building taller towers, wind power can be made more climate-smart.
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trä! - Issue 3, 2020

Attic corridors for community

The apartment building Svavelstickan in Norrköping has both a frame and visible details in wood.
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Public health authority gets new office

Public health authority gets new office in a forest close location with vertical larch planks that regulate light and temperature
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Preserved trees in playful preschool

In the middle of Lisbon's popular residential area, a pine preschool creeps into the cityscape. The building is adapted to the special plot and shaped to preserve the trees that were there.
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trä! - Issue 2, 2020

Multi-Level Roof Construction

The new head office, nestled among lush trees in the small town of Tomiya, next door to the much larger Sendai, offers an exciting architecture.
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Timber Health Clinic

Douglas fir from French forests is used both in facade cladding and in construction
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Let the wood live with the right lighting

Lighting plays a big role for the design, and getting it at an early stage gives completely different possibilities.
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trä! - Issue 1, 2020

The new bank head office in the Norwegian coastal city

Based on the wooden building tradition but showing an exciting interaction between innovative design and construction.
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Congress Hall

Roof form gives character with structure derived from the dolomites’ peaks Congress Hall in Agordo, Italy by Studio Bressan, Studio Botter
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Elegance and climate benefit with modern wooden bridges

Wooden bridges are often quick to assemble, and the low weight of wood simplifies transport and is therefore well suited for prefabrication.
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