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trä! - Issue 2, 2020

Multi-Level Roof Construction

The new head office, nestled among lush trees in the small town of Tomiya, next door to the much larger Sendai, offers an exciting architecture.
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Timber Health Clinic

Douglas fir from French forests is used both in facade cladding and in construction
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Let the wood live with the right lighting

Lighting plays a big role for the design, and getting it at an early stage gives completely different possibilities.
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trä! - Issue 1, 2020

The new bank head office in the Norwegian coastal city

Based on the wooden building tradition but showing an exciting interaction between innovative design and construction.
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Congress Hall

Roof form gives character with structure derived from the dolomites’ peaks Congress Hall in Agordo, Italy by Studio Bressan, Studio Botter
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Elegance and climate benefit with modern wooden bridges

Wooden bridges are often quick to assemble, and the low weight of wood simplifies transport and is therefore well suited for prefabrication.
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