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Exporting cabins

Breitenbach Lanscape Hotel, France

Access to a cabin is an important part of Norwegian culture, and the simple huts invite both locals and tourists to discover nature in a natural way.

The interior and the space create an honest whole

Both welcoming restaurant and communal resource. With its spacious hall, light furnishings and clever details, Magnolia invites gatherings of all kinds.

The airy hall, with its high ceiling and 200 square metres of floor space, looks more like a church than the restaurant that Magnolia is – although both offer places for people to congregate in large groups. The architects Kjellander Sjöberg see the space as a kind of marketplace, an assembly hall for different activities in the day and the evening.

Architecture for spiritual peace and mental reflection

Architect:Heatherwick studio.

A new silhouette in World Heritage Karlskrona

Architects: Wingårdhs.