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Well-being in relation to nature

In just four weeks, a new health clinic was built in the Paris suburb of Taverny. Douglas fir from French forests is used both in facade cladding and in construction, partly for its durability and its capacity to store carbon dioxide, and partly for the wood’s natural ability to even out humidity indoors, which contributes to the well-being of patients.

Multi-level roof construction

WITH THE HELP OF THE ARCHITECTURAL FIRM UENO Ascrewdriver Synegic has got a magnificent showroom for what can be achieved with the company’s own products. The new head office, nestled among lush trees in the small town of Tomiya, next door to the much larger Sendai, offers an exciting architecture.

Honest materials in harmony for an existing whole

Villa Väddö in Norrtälje, Sweden by Gustav Appell architectural office

Let the wood live with the right lighting

Bridges in Uppsala